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TV Repair Otsego County

Television Repair in Northern Michigan for over Three Decades!
MG Electronics TV Repair
Alpine Electronics in
Otsego County since 1985
1624 S. Otsego Ave
Gaylord, MI 49735
Business Hours
Mon - Fri  9:00 AM until 5:00 PM
Saturday and evening appointments available!
(989) 732-5004
We sell DLP/LCD TV projection lamps
LCD TV Repair Otsego County
TV Repair parts in South Texas

Alpine Electronics Service TV Repair is your Factory Authorized TV
Repair Warranty Service Center and we honor Extended Warranty contracts!

Alpine Electronics Service is Otsego County's TV Repair specialists. We have been providing prompt, professional Television Repair and Electronics Repair in Northern Michigan since 1985 and please check out our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. At Alpine Electronics Service we offer expert advice, reasonable rates, and a 90 day warranty. We provide Otsego County with a better TV Repair experience and a lower price.
We are a Factory Authorized TV Repair Service Center and we are part of a nationwide network of electronics technicians involved in finding component level TV Repairs.  We maintain a database of over 260,000 repairs and we have access to specialized technical websites where repair information is privately shared among authorized service centers and qualified TV Repair shops.
Sony TV Repair
Professional Pickup & Delivery Services and
Expert Mobile in-home TV Repair in Otsego County is available!
LED TV Repair Otsego County
Plasma TV Repair Otsego County
Samsung TV Repair Otsego County
Alpine Electronics Service  (989) 732-5004
Sharp Proscan
LG TV Repair Otsego County
Electronics Repair Otsego County
LCD TV Repair


CD TV Repair, LED, Flat Screen, Flat Panel, Plasma, HDTV,
DLP, Rear Projection, Big Screen, Wide Screen, and traditional TV Repair
Before you talk to a salesman and decide to buy a new TV, contact Alpine Electronics Service TV Repair and speak with an honest, factory trained electronics technician with over 20 years of experience. TV Repair can often be your best option, but we will tell you if we think it's time for you to buy a new set. We specialize in LCD TV Repair, LED, Flat Screen, Flat Panel, Plasma, DLP, HDTV, Rear Projection, Big Screen, Widescreen, and CRT Television Repair. 
Foreign manufacturers want you to believe it's better to buy an imported television, than have your TV Repaired. This puts more money in their pocket, but TV Repair in Northern Michigan can be far less expensive than buying a new television. This keeps more money in your pocket, and it's a great way to support our community by keeping more money in the local economy.
Alpine Electronics Service Reviews
Alpine Electronics Service Reviews
Alpine Electronics in Gaylord is a great place to go if you need something electronic worked on, remote starter, a fancy motorized bike, or flat screen.  The owner is a really great guy and didn't charge me an arm and leg for checking out my power supply.  A man who stands by his word and lives by the word as he also owns .  GOD ministry next door.  Hope you will check it out.
Allen Puckett
Repairperson in our area had t.v. for 10 weeks, we finally picked up our t.v. and took it to Alpine late in the afternoon, before noon the next day, John had new part ordered and in a week's time, we had our LG t.v. back and running.  The part cost us $22.  I can say we are satisfied. Other person wanted to keep the set "for parts".  If you are in Alpena area, I would certainly not depend on local repair.
I have an LG LCD TV...Manufactured 2007 out of Warranty...I had a problem turning TV on....Power lamp went from Red to Flashing Green to Steady Green like usual...Only Picture & Sound only were delayed 3-5 minutes!!  I researched and found its kinda a common problem with the Power Supply Circuit board Capacitors!  I dropped it at 11am...and attended to other errands, Mind You I live over 40 miles away in the "Woods" South of Lewiston...Well at about 3pm I stopped at Alpine heading home just to see if it had been diagnosed yet....NOT ONLY Diagnosed....BUT DONE!!!!  The Technician handed me 5 Tiny Capacitors (BAD) Removed....and I paid Under $90.00 ....Got home And ENJOYED INSTANT ON TV AGAIN!!!!  Awesome Work...And a VERY FAIR PRICE!!! Thanks...
Will Pylkas
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